During the Tour the main meals are breakfast and the evening meal. Thus, breakfast should be large and substantial (and include cereals). We recommend that all participants should bring a supply of their favorite cereals because in one or two hotels where we stay they don't yet have cereal on offer at breakfast.

Lunch will be provided by the Organization who sets up table at a point in the middle of the day with an assortment of healthy foods which include salads, fruits, nuts, snacks, hot and cold dishes and hot and cold drinks. Almost everything on the table is organic, gluten free and vegetarian. No alcoholic drinks served at lunch time.

The evening meal will be in a restaurant, and pre-booked by the Organizers. We will make sure there are always plenty of carbohydrates and protein on the menu.

Don't forget adequate hydration is as important as a good meal and so you should make sure you carry enough water with you. In some stages there is no where to “top up” along the way. Follow your guide's instructions for each stage. We recommend you use a hydration pack with at least 2 ltrs capacity, rather than water bottles. The water bottles don't carry as much water and it will get warm during the day, they are not as hygienic and the water bottle cage can get in the way when you need to carry your bike.


We recommend that you take the following dietary supplements:

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